Rings are a type of equippable item you can wear on your fingers. You have two ring slots on your character. However, you can wear a third ring by drag and dropping it to your neck slot. This is a bug and will probably be fixed sooner of later.

There are three types of rings:

Stat RingsEdit

Stat rings grant bonuses to your character's stats, along with various secondary bonses.

Stat rings come in five tiers (from * to *****) based on materials, with higher-tier rings granting higher stat bonuses. Each ring also has a random positive enchantment.

All stat rings are named <enchantment> <material> ring of <suffix>, where the suffix determines the stat(s) increased:

Suffix Effect
Stremf Increases Stremf.
Skills Increases Skills.
Science Increases Science.
Foom Increases Foom.
Detonations Increases Science and Foom.
Impacts Increases Stremf and Foom.
The Mentalist

Special RingsEdit

Special rings have several effects, bestowing special powers upon the user.

Accurate Hackurate Tinsteel Ring

Loop of Sorcerocity

  • Regain 1% max MP on kill.
  • Recover 1 MP per turn.

Ring of Sharpshooting

Robust Ring of Robustness

Cursed RingsEdit

Cursed rings both grant powerful effects and have various drawbacks to balance their powers.

Be aware that cursed rings can be uncursed using a scroll of eat curse, but DO NOT do this if you intend to use thier powers - removing their curse also removes their most powerful effects.

Icebound Manacharged Icedamned Ring

  • Recover 1 MP per turn.
  • Ignore 100% of incoming cold damage.
  • Grants -50 fire resist.
  • Grants power Frozen Armor.
    • costs 4 MP (does not scale)
    • increases armor
  • Grants power Icy Graveshard.
    • costs 3 MP (does not scale)
    • shoot a single target at range 6 for physical and cold damage

This ring offers nice boost to mana, cold immunity (!!!) and two active abilities at the cost of some fire resistance. Frozen Armor offers some minor armor boost, but Icy Graveshard is the true treasure here. It offers great damage at long range and does not scale up in cost as you level up, unlike most of your other powers. Combine it with the fast mana regeneration and you have all the offensive power you need in a single ring. In early game and against enemies not resistant to cold even in mid-game, it really shines.

Overhasted Over-Hasted Hoop

Vampiric Bloodhunter's Ring

Does not allow you to turn into a bat, a cloud of mist, or to ice skate up hills.
  • Take 300% more fire damage.
  • Grants -150 fire resist.
  • Grants -25 HP.
  • Convert 10% of damage dealt into health.
  • Grants power Vanish.